Uwielbiam to robić

Welcome to the Tantric Massage during which you will experience different kinds of experiences. This is something for connoisseurs of good, professional and very exciting massage. Massage is very pleasant, enriched by some measures aimed at liquidation of blockages in the channels of energy flow, inside the bliss of harmonious energy treatment. The purpose of the massage is not only to provide momentary pleasures but also the maximum benefits in terms of power increase vitality, wellbeing, odstresowania and mute. I can assure you that I present the highest level and professionalism when it comes to the art of massage. Time spent with me is detachment from reality, relax and wind down after leaving it, you will feel a few pounds lighter and full of energy. I am not able to convey how the massage session, There will not be a problem if you want to massage the mix. This combining of the various techniques of massage of the entire body, ie olive. Relaxing, classical, Chinese cupping, bamboos, whisk, massage the pubic prostate massage performed with a vibrating dildo massaging the testicles foot massage head massage on request shaving the pubic in the price of TAO Rub tensed, stressful abdominal muscles, arms, feet, buttocks, ears .. no places on the body that do not react to delicate, sophisticated touch. This combination of unique Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, massage called caring hands, with elements of Chinese Tantra in one, which is a feast for the senses. Do not reply to text messages. It is not men Under the Impact of Alcohol, Or Other Stimulating!


Miasto: Czersk, Województwo pomorskie Status związku: licencjat Zasadność: Heteroseksualiści Długość: 150 - 155 cm Postawa: Slim Szkolenie: Szkolnictwo średnie Kolor włosów: Brązowy Palenie tytoniu: Nr BDSM: Nr Rozmiar miseczki: E80 Ogolony: Nr Kolczyki: Tak Tatuaże: Tak